Just finished doing the last episode of Van Helsing for Netflix, had a lot of fun doing some Dolly and Crane moves. Such a wonderful team, they’ll be missed.


Got to spend the day with the one and only Pam Anderson. We shot a lot of photos and got some great videos soon to be released as well. What a fantastic woman.

5 week feature

Been working on a five week feature this summer, so excited to watch this. I was dolly gripping for a week then got to pull focus for the past 3 weeks. It’s all a secret for now, more to come soon.

Summer is here

Summer kicked off quickly. Here’s a BTS photo of my 1st AC Olly going to work on my scissor crane with Ronin 2, cooke anamorphic and Red Scarlet. 

Quamons - Music video

June’s about to get very busy. Started it off with a music video for Quamons with DP Devin Karringten and Directed by Brock Newman. I pulled focus and operated B Cam. 

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