To Meet While I’m Awake

A frame grab from Noah Asanias short film.

“I wrote this in 2021, this piece delves into the profound journey of an artist, navigating the arduous path towards manifesting their creative vision into reality.”

Cast @keenantracey & @maddyhillis_
DP @briancaissie
Art Director @tianapgordondesign
AD @zeustate
Colourist @homemhues
Hair & makeup @artistrybyksenia
Wardrobe @devynbenner
1st AC @jacobandrewharris
2nd AC @ingavedyan
Swing @karinajesson
PA @sammyhumphries @flywithpedro @davidkaruhije
Art Dept Assist @damonjgordon

Music Video

Music video in the works shot with the Sisu Robotics arm. Really excited for this one, we pulled off some camera moves that you can only do with a robot arm. 

Che Amiee Dorval

Falling Under, a new music video for Che Amiee Dorval just came out today. Had a lot of fun shooting this one with Director Dane Collison up in Squamish.


Another very creative Sonreal video with our dream team. So many people to thank on this one which have been making these videos for so many years. It was a great day, excited to see the final edit, out soon. 

RedBull - Ryan Decenzo

After years of not filming skateboarding it was nice to be back in the streets with Ryan Decenzo. Out soon is a fun little edit for RedBull and Magnafire Media. Super8 still frame from Kodak.

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