Quamons - Music video

June’s about to get very busy. Started it off with a music video for Quamons with DP Devin Karringten and Directed by Brock Newman. I pulled focus and operated B Cam. 


Out now, the all new Venda Anorak from Arcteryx this was another fun project full of snow, rain,smoke and all the elements you’ll come across living in Vancouver. Thanks for the great studio space from Peacemaker Filmworks. Me on the circle track running laps with the Dolly is always a good work out. Produced by: Hadron Films

Dusted off the camera

Dusted off the Fuji Xpro2 and Polaroid passport camera and decided to make some photos today. It’s nice to have the time to just make art, no art directors or clients watching your every move just some sunshine and good friends. Sophia Rupprecht enjoying the start of summer in Vancouver.

Toyo Tires

We do about 3-4 Toyotire pieces each year and they’re so fun, great crews, fun locations and plenty of creative shots to work out. Here’s my Ronin2 in action with a Blackarm and the new Arri Mini LF. Produced by Hadron Films

Telescopic crane for the Ronin 2

Newest edition to my gear line up. This telescopic crane reaches 14 ft from the base and can handle a 45lb payload. Quiet and battery operated you can easily use it indoors and into tiny spaces. Also attaches to a fisher dolly with ease. Really excited to use it more this year. 


Behind the scenes of a Lululemon commercial I worked on. We had a Phantom 4k slo motion camera, snow and smoke, all the toys to get creative. Produced by Hadron Films

TV shows 2020

A few TV shows I’ve worked on this year as a Dollygrip, Leadman and Crane Tech, mostly GF8.  SEE (appleTV) Riverdale (Netflix) Colony, A million Little Things, Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist.

Sonreal - Voicemail

Where to start, this video I was Director of Photography on was a long battle. We had total freedom from Sonreal which was amazing but to achieve the look we knew was going to take many long nights. We basically took the look of photography journals and animated them from real paper print outs. Here’s a few BTS photos and a link HERE for the video, hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions on the process drop me an email. Directed by: Sterling Larose and Zachary Vague

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