Demonic - BTS

Other than being Key Grip on the Neil Blomkamp feature Demonic ( Now in theatres ) I was also lucky to be the behind the scenes still photographer as well. Lots more to come out in the next few weeks. 

RYU - Olympics

I was the Director of Photography for a short commercial this month. It was for RYU and the process of making team Canada’s outfits for the Skateboarding event at the Olympics. Thanks to Director Dane Collison for having me along for the ride.


Went to Victoria BC to 1st AC with Director Jon Flahr and DP Mitch Baxter for this commercial for EVO. What an exciting few days with our small crew. It’s always nice to fly some drones over major cities as well. Thanks Noraveravisuals

Coming soon

Something special coming out in a few days, our crew never stopped laughing on this one. I hope everyone that see’s it gets the same reaction. Sony Venice with Lomo Anamorphics, my new favourite combo. 

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